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Brain Injury Resources

Find Alaska brain injury resources in one place. Visit the Brain Injury Association of America's Alaska page.

If you want to talk to a real person, call Alaska 2-1-1.

advocacy through storytelling

unmasking brain injury

Thought to be the largest global brain injury awareness project of its type, Unmasking Brain Injury is transforming the landscape of brain injury awareness through art.

To support the Unmasking Brain Injury project in Alaska, simply visit the Unmasking website, make a donation, include "for Alaska" in the donation memo, and click "share your mailing address so they can acknowledge your donation". Thank You!


working with local


Our 2020 TBI conference was generously hosted by Hope Community Resources, Inc., a non-profit organization providing community supports to hundreds of individuals and families who experience intellectual and developmental disabilities.



mask making events

mask exhibits

ANNUALdisability awareness art show


educational sessions

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